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Full Technical Support is available to support contract holders free of charge at any time during normal office hours. Contact can be made by phone, fax or e-mail. This service will provide problem resolution on any aspect of our software products and their use. Outside of office hours, our 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Technical Support operates, so you are never on your own. Please note that this is not an e-mail service! you will be dealing directly with a support engineer.


New product releases are provided free of charge to support contract holders. These include new features, enhancements and bug fixes where necessary. You are also assured of forward compatibility with future operating system and database releases. Supported customers can obtain software updates via the mail or via download.


Your Company’s initial investment in our Software is protected by the Annual Maintenance and Technical Support contract. As Operating Systems and Database systems develop, you can be sure that our Software will remain compliant, and will be enhanced to take full advantage of new technologies and features. And if you choose to upgrade your hardware in the future, you can take advantage of our Software Licence Upgrade prices, which are only available to supported customers.


Our Proactive Support policy means we contact you to ensure that you are maximising the benefits that our Software can bring to your company. If we understand how you are using our Software, we can highlight the relevant features and functionality.


On-site product training and consultancy services are offered to supported customers at preferential daily rates. These services can provide in-depth knowledge and instant benefits, and are a viable alternative to 'reading the manual'. The services are personalised to each company’s individual requirements, and are provided by consultants with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience.