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GUI3000CE for pocket PC allows you to manage your Hpe3000 or HP9000 remotely by wireless modem connection or Ethernet


  • Control jobs and Sessions
  • View and save spool files
  • Monitor the console
  • Issue MPE, MPEX or HPUX commands
  • Run programs in a terminal emulator
  • Filter results to keep the data transfer to a minimum
  • Monitor disc space / session limits / waiting jobs / outstanding replies / database sets & files via the GUI3000/iX system Monitor
  • Email outputs from your pocket PC to colleagues


GUI3000CE enables remote access to your HPe3000 & HP 9000 servers allowing you total flexibility and control even when you're out of the office

By utilising the ‘keyboard-less’ design of the Pocket PC you can easily achieve most tasks with the ‘point and click’ stylus which removes the need to manualy type commands

Click here to view The Newswire article about GUI3000CE in PDF format

GUI3000 Copyright Pete Vickers Associates, England.