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GUI3000 brings your HP e3000 enterprise up-to-date with a new Graphical User Interface in the style of Windows Explorer.


  • Replace most MPE commands with windows style screens and mouse operations
  • Manage your spool queue effortlessly without knowing #O numbers
  • Control jobs and sessions easily without knowing #S / #J numbers
  • Find files based on content, size, access / modified / creation date, code, etc
  • Create / copy / purge account, group, user and file properties easily
  • Sort file / job / spool listings in name, ID, size or date order with just one mouse click
  • View files, spool files and jobs $STDIN or $STDLIST with one mouse click
  • Edit Files
  • View and extract information in a variety of formats quickly and easily including Image databases without ODBC or programming
  • Graphically view disk, file and Image dataset sizes


  • Productivity - GUI3000 allows you to monitor and control multiple HP e3000 spool or job queues through one single window
  • New functionality - GUI3000 offers Windows controls such as Cut-and-Paste and Drag-and-Drop for MPE
  • Safety - GUI3000 utilises Windows 'point-and-click' to select files / jobs / spool files so ID's are never accidentally aborted, printed or purged!
  • Efficiency - GUI3000 utilises the power and resource of your PC making operations quicker and faster than MPE commands
  • Ease - No need to learn MPE as instant understanding from a Windows style interface
  • Links to 3rd party software (MPEX/3000, Security/3000 and ADAGER) to provide additional functionality


GUI3000 brings your HP e3000 enterprise up-to-date with a new graphical user interface in the style of Windows Explorer.

Utilising windows controls such as Point-and-Click selection, Cut-and-Paste and Drag-and-Drop, learning MPE becomes a thing of the past. Menus and Toolbars provide the user with functions to perform on their chosen selection, improving speed and efficiency.

GUI3000 is a powerful client-server solution for HP e3000 systems administration. It supports multiple users and multiple hosts, it does not require a session on your HP e3000, and is blisteringly fast.

GUI3000 makes the administration of your HP e3000 enterprise as simple as managing your own Windows PC!

The File Explorer module gives you the following powerful features:

File Explorer Screenshot File Explorer Screenshot [2 windows] PC Explorer Screenshot File Editor Screenshot

The Spool file Explorer module re-invents spool file handling on HP e3000 systems:

Spool File Explorer Screenshot Spool File Viewer Screenshot Spool File Explorer Screenshot [multiple HP e3000s]

The Job/Session Explorer module simplifies management of these resources:

Job/Session Explorer Screenshot Job/Session Explorer Screenshot [multiple HP3000s] Job/Session + Spool File Explorer Screenshot [multiple HP e3000s]

The Database Explorer module gives system users a new method of managing databases:

Database Explorer Screenshot Database Explorer Screenshot [retreive]

The Disk Explorer module provides a graphical toolbox for charting disk usage:

Disk Explorer Screenshot

GUI3000 Copyright Pete Vickers Associates, England.